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Granville Jr./Sr. High School
58 Quaker Street
Granville, NY 12832
Principal: Camille Harrelson
fax 518-642-4544
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These are my 6 "P's" to success in ANY class.

  1. Prompt
    Show up to class on time. You can not learn if you are not there.
  2. Prepared
    You can not play a saxophone without a reed, build a house without a hammer, drive a car without the keys. Tools are necessary. Your tools for this class include your pencils, pens, textbook, portfolio, and calculator. Don't leave home without them!
  3. Positive
    Math can be hard, don't give up. Ask for help. You are doomed to fail if you don't try but if you keep plugging away success will be closer. Have a positive attitude. 
  4. Productive
    Don't waste time. If you actively participate you will be surprised how much more you will get out of class.
  5. Practice
    Keep practicing ... this is why homework is extremely important in a math class. Consider how much time musicians and athletes practice. Believe it or not the same applys here.
  6. Polite
    Obviously responsibility and respect help keep you on the path to success.

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Granville Jr/Sr High School
58 Quaker Street
Granville, NY 12832

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