• Compass Learning Odyssey       

    User name:first initial last name                                         Password:  1234

    •  Locate Compass Learning Odyssey on the school homepage (, under the Resources link
    • On the login page, enter your user name and password, & enter Granville.
    •   From the main screen, on the left, click the Pen (it’s below the backpack) to go into the typing program.
    •  In the tool bar, click File
    •  Under File, click New Project & Yes that you want to save it.  Name the Assignment 
             ( i.e. Free Verse Poem) & click OK & ok again.
    • Click File & Open and it should be a choice. 
    • Always remember to save work before logging out.
    • When you go back to the writing program under File, select Open, it will give you a blank page and ask if you want to save it.  This time say NO in order for the list of previously saved projects to appear.
    •  Then you will be able to open what you worked on previously and continue working
    •   Always Save your work!