• Continuing practice of math facts at home is one of the best ways to help your child succeed. Below are a list of websites and apps that are good for at home practice on their fact fluency.



    Math Magician - times students on 20 questions on a single fact and gives them a percentage score at the end. (Requires Flash)

    Xtra Math - times students on multiple facts and challenges them with a "Race the Teacher." Looks for students to answer in as little time possible and keeps track of their facts and how fluent they are with them. Some teachers may be using this website with your child. If so, you can get their login information from the teacher and have them practice at home. If your student comes to me for AIS Math, they have a login that I can share if requested. 

    Fact Monster Flashcards - studnets can practice multiple facts at once with instant feedback and opportunities for correcting. There are 7 different levels students can complete.


    Apps: (Still looking into good apps. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me and share.)

    Big Math Flash Cards - shows students 10 flash cards. Can be used as multiple choice since you can tap the "card" and see options for answers below. This app times students but does not have a time limit. I know it is available through the Apple App Store, I am not sure about other platforms.