Tom McGurl

    Thomas McGurl, Superintendent 

    As my first year in Granville draws to a close, it is important to reflect and take stock in what has been learned and accomplished. As I cross over 25 years in education, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to work in a wide variety of schools and communities in upstate New York. In that time, I have learned that each has its own unique personality and character. From those experiences, I can confidently say that Granville truly is a very special place to work and be a part of. The outstanding quality, talents, and character of our student body are a direct reflection of our community, parents and staff. I would like to thank you as you made this first year an absolute pleasure.

    Though the year has been busy, it has been time well spent. As a staff, we have made great strides in multiple important areas across the district. A few notable highlights are:

    • Through the hard work and dedication of our teaching staff, curriculum mapping is well under way in our elementary grades. This will assist in providing an improved and consistent educational experience for students in grades PK-6.

    • Our 1:1 computer initiative, with the input of many, has been redesigned in an effort to improve access and sustainability across the district, and is now officially launched. As the new technology arrives, we have put training and support in place to ensure its effective use in enhancing education.

    • We have looked long and hard at our security and emergency preparedness. We have adjusted processes and procedures accordingly to balance our role as a public facility with the need for a safe and secure environment for our students and staff.

    • We have added educational and enrichment opportunities for students across the district to enhance what is already a very comprehensive program of study, thus giving students the exposure to programs, clubs and experiences that many only dream of.

    • We have worked closely with NYS to ensure that our Special Education programs are meeting the regulatory and educational needs of our diverse student population.

    • Knowing the importance of health and wellness, we have adopted a comprehensive district wellness plan that has driven multiple changes to increase activity and healthy habits for our students. 

    Successful school districts are not static, unchanging monoliths reflecting the efforts of a few. They are dynamic institutions that are rooted in tradition that are constantly seeking improvement and innovation. They are places that build a collective capacity for leadership and knowledge that draws on the talents of all, while remaining responsive to the needs of the community that supports them. I have found this to be very true at Granville and it is what makes Granville a place where Golden Opportunities await.

    Tom McGurl
    Tom McGurl
    Superintendent of Schools