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  •   Welcome to my classroom website! This website is primarily informational. I will be diligent about updating any pertinent information regarding reading and writing in grades first and third. 

    Your child's time spent in the primary grades at Mary J. Tanner are building blocks for a successful educational experience. We offer extra assistance in reading for those students that need it. It is my goal as a reading professional to help accelerate your child's progress and engage him/her in highly motivating learning experiences.

    I am hopeful that all students will be actively reading at home. A child's ability to read and comprehend has such a profound effect on how well a child performs in all subject areas. We need to develop a community of readers. When children see their grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles enjoying reading, they will view reading as enjoyable and valuable. It needs to start at home because parents and family members have the most influence on how a child sees the world and what they will view as important.