Mrs. O'Brien's Home Page - ELA 9

  • Welcome to the  ELA 9  classroom website!  

    I hope you find this website valuable. Please contact me if there is additional information you are looking for but cannot find after navigating the pages of this site.  I welcome emails and call from students & their families so, together, we can make this school year a great one for you & me!

    Dear Students:  In the words of author & poet Langston Hughes, "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." & make positive choices.  You will only pass through this year once, so make it the best you can for yourself.

    It's your life!

    Contacting Mrs. O’Brien

    Voicemail # 642-1051, ext. 2211

    Integrated Co-teachers: 
    Ms. DeGarmo ( Per. 1-2) Voicemail # 642- 1051, ext. 2438   

    Ms.Ramirez, (Per. 8-9 A)Voicemail # 642-1051, ext. 2432
    Link to Ms. Ramirez's webpage  /webpages/kramirez/ 

    Classroom Expectations  - go to Classroom News link & Resource link