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    Our classroom is a 12:1:1 Life Skills class. We are self contained; the students remain in the same classroom for all core subjects (math, science, social studies and English). We also work on the life skills they will need once they leave school. We learn to cook simple nutritious meals, manage our finances, launder clothes and care for our homes all while having fun doing it!
    We go into the Granville community to learn job and life skills. Some of the sites who have welcomed us are Holbrook Adult Home, Price Chopper, Jr/Sr High School Kitchen, and various sites within the school building. The students learn valuable skills while supported by a job coach. It is the intent of the program to have the student ready for entering the work force after graduation.
    Our classroom is supported by a full time teaching assistant. Together, we strive to give our students the skills they need to progress, enabling them to be a working, contributing member of their community.  
    Barbara Byrtus
    518-642-1051  x2238