• Granville Central School District at its March 11, 2019 Board of Education meeting resolved to put forth to residents a new Capital Improvement Project Referendum. The proposed Capital Project has been structured to avoid any associated increase to the tax levy, and is set to vote as a separate proposition alongside the yearly School Budget Vote May 21, 2019. All qualified district residents may cast a vote to decide on this $15,950,781 proposition, which includes improvements to district buildings and grounds.

    Granville CSD receives about 85% State Building Aid on Capital Projects, and the balance of the cost is generated by local taxpayers (local share).  Through careful planning over the last several years, in anticipation of having to conduct buildings and grounds improvements, Granville CSD has, with voter support, built up funds and positioned ongoing debt service in order to offset the funding portion of the project that would be local share. As a result, the proposed Capital Project would come in tax neutral.

    The proposed project is advertised to include replacements and improvements to aging building components, like roofs, masonry, and heating systems.  Classrooms and shared spaces are scheduled to receive renovations and space re-allocation to take advantage of underutilized portions of the buildings, and further develop programs, like agriculture. Outside, the grounds will receive attention at deteriorated areas of sidewalks and paving, as well as a major reconstruction of the running track to improve track and field events and position the campus for future athletic field development.

    Among the facility needs set to be addressed by Granville CSD, are roofs, mechanical and plumbing assemblies, masonry, interior finishes, cabinetry, lockers, asphalt paving and sidewalks.  The majority of district buildings have flat roofs that are 20 years old, and no longer under warranty or will be out of their warranty period by the time a roof project could be coordinated.  Most of the flat roofs are rubber membrane, which represents a cost-effective roofing material with expected useful life of 15 to 20 years. Restoration generates a brand new 20-year warranty at an increased value over a total replacement. In selected areas of roof, the problems go deeper than the surface, and in these cases a full replacement of the roofing assembly is the only reasonable solution.  Granville CSD is proposing to address roofing at all three school buildings as well as the bus garage.

    The last major building construction project at Granville CSD addressed a number of mechanical and plumbing systems, and for this reason the buildings are still in very good shape in terms of heating and ventilation.  The proposed capital project seeks to address of few of the items that have not yet been dealt with.  Four older roof mounted heating and ventilation units on the Jr/Sr High School are scheduled for replacement, and a fresh air ventilation system is set to be implemented in the corridors of the oldest part of the building, where no ventilation currently exists.  Also at the Jr/Sr High School the building management system, which controls the temperatures throughout the building, is outdated and would receive an upgrade with improved interface.  At each elementary school, existing emergency power generators are proposed to be outfitted with automatic transfers, so there is no delay when power is lost, which currently causes district staff to manually switch building power to and from the generator, even after hours when no staff is on site. 

    Building exterior walls, wood trim and chimneys with more direct wind and weather exposure have deteriorated causing heightened moisture infiltration and accelerated failure.  The project proposes work such as restoration and repointing to brick areas, new weather caps on chimneys and replacement of rotted wood trim associated with roofs and roof edges.

    In the Junior High, which is housed on the oldest part of the Jr/Sr High School, upgrades to cabinetry, floors, selected ceilings and corridor lockers have not been made for many years.  The project proposes a more extensive look at classrooms and corridors to provide an upgraded learning environment with materials that will last and remain useful for years to come.  Existing corridor lockers, likewise, require replacement in order to provide sizes adequate for students’ current storage needs.

    Outside the buildings, asphalt paving and sidewalks have received attention over the past several capital projects, but with constant exposure to water, ice and ice melting agents, the job is never done.  This project proposes to address selected deteriorated paving areas and storm inlets as well as reconstruct the Jr/Sr High School main entry “courtyard”.  The courtyard area would receive a ramp assembly for accessible entrance to the gymnasium wing as well as new concrete surfacing to tie into adjacent sidewalks and address any current safety concerns.

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