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District receives grow carts and more from the Glens Falls Hospital Health Promotion Center

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The Granville Central School District recently received a grow cart and several other items to promote healthy living and physical activity courtesy of the Glens Falls Hospital Health Promotion Center’s “Creating Healthy Schools and Communities (CHSC)”  initiative. 

The Granville Jr. /Sr. High School received a grow cart for the agriculture students to use all school-year long to grow lettuce, basil and micro-greens.  These will be served in all three school cafeteria’s in conjunction with the school to table initiative.  

The grow carts were supplied by 2445 Organics Super Grow Systems of Massena, NY. The grow system is a patented organic growing system housed indoors, which uses organic soil to grow salad greens or other plants from seed to harvest, with no special electrical outlets or buildings are required.

Upon delivery, founder Andy Maslin explained to the students how the system works most efficiently, and joined them as they carefully planted their seeds. The greens will mature in approximately 18-20 days, which is faster than greens grown outside due to the ability to control the environmental factors.

Both Granville Elementary School and the Mary J. Tanner School were provided with water bottle filling systems. Besides providing clean and crisp water to the students, faculty, and staff, there has been a significantly noticeable decrease in the number of plastic water bottles used. Additionally, the schools received items to enhance recess time and encourage movement. These items include Frisbees, jump ropes, balls and more. In mid-October of 2017, both schools hosted a Family Math Night that included a Math and Movement segment organized by Glens Falls Hospital’s Health Promotion Center and sponsored by Dryden Mutual Insurance Company.

School Superintendent Tom McGurl said, “The district is thrilled to receive these wonderful items to help our students to pursue happy, healthy, and active lives, we thank Elizabeth Hoffman, CHSC School Program Coordinator, and the rest of the Health Promotion Center team.”

The Glens Falls Hospital Health Promotion Center works to improve the health and well-bring of the people and communities in our region. Present work focuses on strategies to make it easier for people to eat well, be tobacco-free, be physically active and obtain preventative care.

This work is currently supported through numerous grant-funded initiatives housed within the Health Promotion Center, including Creating Healthy Schools and Communities and the Living Tobacco-Free initiative, which incorporates the Advancing Tobacco-Free CommunitiesReality Check and Health Systems for a Tobacco-Free NY programs.

Through these programs, the Health Promotion Center staff work collaboratively with school districts, businesses, communities, hospitals, and healthcare provider organizations to support healthy lifestyles for our patients and community members. Specific strategies focus on policy, systems, and environmental changes that reduce risks for chronic disease and improve quality of life for both children and adults.