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Perform Well at SUNY Adirondack Business Day Competition

On Tuesday, May 7, several Granville High School business students participated in the SUNY Adirondack Business Day competition. Approximately 300 students represented 12 school districts sitting for 12 tests in various business-related categories. The top 5 scores were announced for each test. Granville students placed as follows: 

Business Law 
Nick Andrus  – 1st place        

Computer Literacy       
Kyle Campbell - 1st place
Dylan Heiforf – 4th place

Agricultural Business   
Drew McEachron - 1st place
Ford Smith – 2nd place                                             

Business Math 
Taylor Bourn - 2nd place

Nick Sumner – 2nd place

Sports Marketing           
Alex LaPlante - 2nd place
Justin Bell - 5th place

General Business 
Zack Burch -  3rd place

Team Competition – 5th place     
Bart Bartholomew  
Stephen Buxton
Nick Sumner         
Nick Andrus